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Sapanca Bungalows

Are you ready to keep the peace in Sapanca? Sapanca, which is famous for its lake, is connected to Izmit-Adapazari. Sapanca has been a developing tourism destination recently; with its streams, drinking water and forests. Offering a different beauty in every season, Sapanca bungalow hotels awaits its guests. The diversity of plant species around the lake and the clarity of its water are also worth seeing. If you are there in the spring months, you will be watching a visual feast.

Plane trees, the shady roads that are stretching between fruit and vegetable gardens add a different beauty to Sapanca Lake. In other words Sapanca is the principal holiday resort for those who want to be alone with nature. Sapanca bungalows in the forest offer a holiday opportunity in touch with nature to couples who want to spend romantic time, families with children and groups of  friends.

Sapanca Dagdibi Bungalows

Dagdibi Sapanca Bungalows Turkey
Sapanca Dagdibi Bungalows

Sapanca Dagdibi Bungalows are 4 km from the center of Sapanca. The business provides half board service. The accommodation offers 3 different options: Duplex Bungalows, Hexagonal bungalows and Tiny House with Jacuzzi. The location of Sapanca Dagdibi Bungalows is located in the forest and also has a lake view. Bungalows have their own private terrace, swings where you can enjoy the terrace, fire drum, barbecue and private parking area. Dagdibi bungalows can accommodate a maximum of 4 or 5 people. Bungalow and tiny house with a jacuzzi include bathroom, kitchen and kitchenware. Since the houses have their own kitchen, you can prepare your own meals. If you wish, there is also breakfast service at Dagdibi Bungalows.

Sapanca Sahil Bungalow

Sapanca Sahil Bungalow Turkey
Sapanca Sahil Bungalow

Sapanca Sahil Bungalow is 50 meters walking distance from Sapanca Lake. It’s will provide you with a perfect holiday opportunity with its location, beauty and perfect wooden decoration. Sapanca Sahil Bungalow has a total of five bungalow houses, four of which are double (standard bungalows) and one is four-person (deluxe bungalow). For your information, there is a two-night stay at the property on weekends. The garden of Sapanca Sahil Bungalow is 15 square meters. There is a sofa suite, swing, fire drum, table and chair in the garden. There are bathrooms, kettles, tables and chairs in the houses. Child-friendly establishment provides park beds for babies. The accommodation also offers breakfast and extra bed service for a fee.

Sapanca Elysian Houses

Sapanca Elysian Houses Interior Turkey
Sapanca Elysian Houses

Sapanca Elysian Houses which is located among Sapanca bungalows offers a different Bungalow accommodation concept house. Since the accommodation is centrally located, it is 400 meters from Sapanca Lake and 500 meters from Bagdat Street. Sapanca Elysian Houses have a large garden area. There is a fire drum, barbecue, table and chair in the garden. We can say that there is nothing in the houses of 100 square meters. The house has its own bathroom, kitchen and kitchenware. You can prepare your own meals or eat at the restaurant opposite the establishment. Attention! The door opening to the terrace from the bedroom of the bungalow can fascinate you. You can have a good time in the jacuzzi on the terrace and in the cine screen. The facility has not forgotten our animals and also accepts our lovely friends.

Rif Bungalows Sapanca

Rif Hotel
Rif Sapanca Bungalows

Rif Sapanca is located in the Unluce area of ​​Sapanca. There are 3 Tiny Houses in the large garden of Rif Sapanca Boutique Hotel. These cute Tiny Houses are called Velena, Vira and Vega. The houses have their own winter garden and lake view. Rif Sapanca awaits its guests to enjoy the lake view and nature. There is a bathroom and an unequipped kitchen in the house. You can have moments of pleasure in the hammock in the garden of the house and enjoy nature.

Babil Bungalows Sapanca

Babil Bungalows
Babil Bungalows Sapanca

Babil Bungalow Hotel is one of the closest bungalow accommodation facilities to Kartepe Ski Center. It is located 15 km from the ski center. Babil Bungalow Hotel is 1 hour away from Istanbul. The accommodation, which has a mountain view on one side and a lake view on the other, is a different establishment where you can start the day with the sounds of nature. Offering 2 bungalow options, the business consists of standard bungalows and Babil Bungalows. Babil bungalow has a bathroom. The distance of the business to the activity areas is 900 meters. There are activities such as ATV, utv, ziplene, giant swing and grass sled. Riverside restaurants are 900 meters, Ormanya Natural Habitat is 6 km and Sapanca lake water sports center Sukay is 4 km away.

Sapanca Elite Bungalow

Sapanca Elite Bungalow Turkey Hotels
Sapanca Elite Bungalow

Sapanca Elite Bungalow, which is new among Sapanca bungalow houses, started to accept its guests in June. The property offers a pleasant nature accommodation service in a detached garden with a view of the lake and forest. Sapanca Elite Bungalow consists of 1+1 houses and offers pool service in its own garden. There are sun loungers and parasols by the pool. In the garden, there are facilities such as a sofa suite, barbecue and swing. The bungalow has its own bathroom, kitchen and kitchenware. You can prepare your meals yourself or you can use the restaurant in the accommodation. Enjoying a peaceful holiday is what the guests should do.

Heinz Bungalow Hotel

Heinz Hotel Sapanca
Heinz Bungalow Hotel Sapanca

There are four bungalows and one Tiny House in the garden of the business, where you can have moments of pleasure such as a hammock, fire drum and sitting group. There are also tables, chairs and swings on the property terrace. There are also bathroom, kitchen and kitchen equipment in the bungalows. Natural homemade Circassian cheese, homemade acıka and jams, herb butter, fried village eggs with butter, puff pastry (baking), potatoes with sauce, pancake varieties, mushrooms on the tile with mucver cheddar and ravioli, offered by Heinz Bungalow Hotel to its guests It is one of the most preferred meals.

Sapanca Caglayan Bungalow

 Sapanca Caglayan Bungalow Turkey
Sapanca Caglayan Bungalow Turkey

Sapanca Caglayan Bungalow, which is in the Sapanca bungalow list, is located in Istanbuldere, Sapanca. There are 3 remarkable features of Sapanca Caglayan Bungalow. First of all, the gardens of the bungalows here are arranged in such a way that no one can see them, and they offer an isolated environment to their guests. Secondly, there is a private swimming pool in front of the bungalows. The third and last feature is that unlike the tiny bungalows that can accommodate 2 people, 4 people can stay here. Sapanca Caglayan Bungalow also offers accommodation without a pool. The choice is yours, you can be a guest in a bungalow with a pool or without a pool. Bungalows have their own terrace and garden. Facilities such as swing, fire drum, barbecue, internet and private parking are available within the accommodation. There are also bathroom, kitchen and kitchen equipment in the houses.

Naturkoy Sapanca

Sapannca Naturkoy Bungalows

Naturkoy is located in Mahmudiye Village of Sapanca. This place is located in the middle of a valley that like a rainbow in every season. The property offers 3 different bungalows. You can stay in standard, suite and deluxe bungalows, as well as family suites.

Welcoming its guests in bungalow houses accompanied by a village breakfast, the property has ponds, waterfalls, barbecue areas, a restaurant and hiking trails. All bungalow houses have a refrigerator, heater, air conditioning, TV, internet and bathroom. There is also a fireplace in the Suite and Family bungalows. Naturköy Sapanca accommodation fees include Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Seasonal Greens, Green Olives, Black Olives, Cheddar Cheese, Cecil Cheese, Acuka, Butter, Cream, Honey, Tahini Cream, Lemon Jam, Omelet, Pancake etc. Including a full spread breakfast of 32 kinds. The facilities offered to the guests for the activity consist of many options such as horse riding, trampoline, zipline, game center, playground, salto trampoline, water bike, and water balloon.

Sapanca MC Bungalow

Sapanca MC Bungalows Turkey
Sapanca MC Bungalows

Sapanca MC Bungalow, another facility located among Sapanca bungalows, offers its guests the opportunity to have an elegant and luxurious bungalow holiday. Sapanca MC Bungalow has a chic design with a simple look of black in its decoration. There is a veranda at the front of the bungalow. There is a simple sofa suite on the veranda, a fire boiler and a barbecue in its own garden. In the houses, facilities such as internet, bathroom, kitchen and kitchen equipment are provided. There is a pool, open-air cinema and restaurant service in the common use area.

Sapanca Narlı Bahçe Bungalow

Sapanca Narli Bahce
Sapanca Narlı Bahce Bungalow

Sapanca Narlı Bahce Bungalow is an accommodation that was opened in February this year. It’s 1 km from Sapanca center, 800 meters from Sapanca Beach and 200 meters from Sapanca Lake. Accommodation service is provided in bungalows, including breakfast. 2 nights accommodation is required for weekends. Some bungalows have a double Jacuzzi on the veranda. There is also a barbecue and fire drum in the garden. Facilities such as bathroom, kitchen and kitchen equipment (excluding the stove) are provided in the houses. The accommodation accepts us to bring our animal friends.

Kibar Bungalow

Kibar Bungalow Sapanca

Are you ready for a pleasant bungalow holiday in Kibar Bungalow, which is on our Sapanca bungalows list? Bungalows have their own large garden, veranda and pool.

 The Bungalows have their own private garden and terrace, a swing you can enjoy, a fire drum (chats by the fire) and a barbecue. There are also bathroom, kitchen and kitchen equipment in the bungalows. You can also prepare your own meals, as the houses have their own kitchen.

Doga Bungalow

Sapanca Doga Bungalow Turkey
Sapanca Doga Bungalow Turkey

How would you like to enjoy the pool and Jacuzzi in the magnificent nature of Sapanca? Doga Bungalow has thought of every detail for the comfort of its guests. You can enjoy the swing, pool and Jacuzzi in the garden accompanied by the lake view, and you can have nice conversations or barbecue by the fire drum in the evening. There are sun loungers and parasols by the pool. Bathroom, kitchen and kitchenware are also included in the house.

Sapanca Oksijen Bungalow

Sapanca Oksijen Hotels
Sapanca Oksijen Bungalow

Sapanca Oksijen Bungalow, which is among bungalow, consists of 5 lodges with pools. Sapanca Oksijen‘s have a swing, pool, sitting group, sun lounger, umbrella and fire drum in their own garden. Bathroom, kitchen and kitchenware are also included in the house. Every detail has been given importance so that the guests can enjoy nature.

Sapanca Goldibi Suite Bungalows

Sapanca Goldibi Bungalows
Sapanca Goldibi Bungalows

Sapanca Goldibi Suit Bungalow accommodation is located at the edge of the lake. They offer different bungalow concepts to make your guests experience more than you can imagine. The accommodation consists of one suite bungalow (chargeable fire boiler, barbecue, kitchen, swing and bathroom). Six superior bungalows (chargeable fire boiler, barbecue, kitchen, swing and bathroom). Aand five deluxe bungalows (chargeable fire boiler, barbecue, kitchen, hammock and bathroom). In addition, a rich variety of mixed breakfast is also included in the prices. Do not forget to enjoy the hammocks and swings by the lake. There are activities such as ATV tours close to Sapanca Goldibi Suite Bungalows. You can go canoeing in Sapanca lake and cycling around the lake.

Sapanca Gonul Sofram Bungalow

Gonul Sofram Bungalow is located in the middle of Masukiye and Sapanca. There is a good address for those who want to leave their work life behind and spend a quiet and peaceful time away from stress. The accommodation consists of a deluxe bungalow, which is independent, distant from each other, with a screen between them. A fireplace in the winter season and a veranda in the summer season. A 1+1 fireplace, a Jacuzzi by the window and a barbecue concept.

In addition, the business is a comprehensive facility with seasonal pool service, direct access to the ski area, and playground services for children. The accommodation, which consists of twelve bungalows in total, offers a good atmosphere for its guests to spend time under the trees. Sapanca Lake for activities is 7 km from boat tours, 10 km from Masukiye water ski accommodation and 15 km from Ormanya Nature Park. There are places where you can do ATV, zip-line and boat tours close to the accommodation.

Merce Bungalow

Merce Bungalow, which has a new place among Sapanca bungalows, has a design that guests can love with its chic design. Merce Bungalow is located 3-4 km from Sapanca beach. We can say that it is one of the right addresses to spend a peaceful holiday accompanied by nature views. The bungalow has a large garden, veranda, and pool. There are sun loungers, umbrellas, garden furniture, barbecue and parking area in the garden. Since the pool in the garden has a heated system, you can enjoy the pool in cold weather, for your information. The house has a fireplace, bathroom, kitchen and kitchen utensils.

Sapanca Köy Bungalow

Sapanca Köy Bungalow is located in Yanıkköy, which is 10 minutes away from Sapanca. The business consists of 6 bungalows where you can have a nice nature holiday in the unique nature of Sapanca. The accommodation has free internet and parking. There are also tables, chairs and swings in the garden of the bungalows. Inside the houses, there is a double bed on the mezzanine and a sitting area on the ground floor. The accommodation offers breakfast and a coffee lounge to its guests. The business offers organic fruits and vegetables from its own gardens for breakfast.

Sapanca Atlas Bungalow

Sapanca Atlas Bungalow, which is newly opened among Sapanca bungalows, awaits its guests for pleasant conversations with its different garden layout. Sapanca Atlas Bungalows are in touch with nature. A chat corner decorated with cushions has been created around the fire pit in the garden of the bungalow. The fire pit will decorate your evenings with its visuals that will warm you up. There is also a swing, jacuzzi, barbecue, chair and table in the garden. The house has a bathroom, kitchen and kitchen utensils.

Sapanca Defne Bungalow

Sapanca Defne Bungalow, located 2 km from the town center, has been designed considering the comfort and all kinds of needs of the guests. The houses can accommodate up to 4 people.

Firstly the bungalow has a specially designed swing bed in the garden. Imagine what it is like to sleep on a swing bed in fresh air. There is also a table, chairs, barbecue and fire pit in the garden. On the porch of the house, a cute swing welcomes you. The bungalow has internet, bathroom, kitchen, kitchen equipment and a stove for cold weather. Above all you can enjoy your holiday in Sapanca Defne Bungalows accompanied by the lake view.

Doruk Bungalow Sapanca

The newly opened Doruk Bungalow Sapanca among Sapanca bungalows has started to host its guests. The business is located in an easily accessible location, 2 km from the center.

Doruk Bungalow Sapanca provides internet and free parking facilities. Bungalows have their own garden. There is a fireball, garden furniture, swing, grill and open-air bed in the garden. Who doesn’t want to sleep while watching the stars? It includes a bathroom, kitchen and kitchen utensils. You can do your shopping and bring your own choices to your table. Alternatively, you can order from outside.

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