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Antalya Bungalows

We are in Antalya, the fifth most populated city in Turkey. Known as the capital of tourism, the city is also developing economically with trade and agriculture. Besides, did you know that Antalya is the province with the most ancient cities in Turkey? Antalya, which has a rich history in terms of history, is also the apple of the eye of holidaymakers. Antalya bungalows, which have been popular in recent years, are also quite a lot in Antalya. So, let’s examine the Antalya bungalows list in detail.

1. Villa Lukka

Antalya Villa Lukka Bungalows
Antalya Villa Lukka Bungalows

First stop of our Antalya bungalows list is Villa Lukka. The business in Kemer is the right address for those who are planning a holiday in touch with nature. Wouldn’t you like to start the day with a breakfast prepared with natural products? Villa Lukka, surrounded by greenery, is 95 km from Antalya Airport and 35 km from Kemer Bus Station.

It’s just 200 meters from the sea, the property also has a private beach. The beach is cleaned daily. Let’s add that sunbeds, umbrellas and beach towels are provided to the guests at the beach area. There are 13 rooms designed in different concepts and the rooms are cleaned daily.

Welcoming its guests in stylish, simple and comfortable accommodation units, the property has a total of 13 rooms. Rooms are cleaned every day. After that let’s add that the facility has a restaurant and bar for your food and beverage needs.

2. Turkmen Tree Houses

 Turkmen Tree Houses Antalya
Turkmen Tree Houses Antalya

The second stop of our Antalya bungalows list is from Olympus. Olympus, which has not lost anything of its popularity over the years, is also home to Turkmen Tree Houses. At the same time, Turkmen Tree Houses, which have a very friendly and natural structure, provide service in the form of half boards.

It’s enough in itself to start the day with the perfect Olympus nature and a very rich mixed breakfast. Dinner is an open buffet just like breakfast. Lunch is subject to a la carte restaurant service. It’s 39 km from Kemer Bus Station and 98 km from Antalya Airport. For this reason, the business is also reasonable in terms of transportation.

The distance to the sea is 800 meters, which means you can reach the beach on foot. The fact that the bungalows of the facility are in the form of tree houses is one of its original features. The cleaning of these tree houses with a capacity of 550 beds is also done regularly. Finally, let’s add that there are activities such as boat tour, blue cruise, sunken city tour, trekking, canoeing, bike rental, jeep safari, rafting, paragliding, diving tour, rock climbing on site.

3. Adrasan River Hotel

Adrasan River Hotel, Antalya, Turkey
Adrasan River Hotel, Antalya, Turkey

Antalya bungalows exist in various parts of the city. Now we are at the Adrasan River Hotel in Adrasan. Adrasan, where the legendary blue of the Mediterranean meets the green nature, awaits you for a pleasant and peaceful holiday.

The facility operates with two different service options, half board and full board. After starting the day with an open buffet breakfast, you can make your evening enjoyable with the special meals of the facility. Adrasan River Hotel is 120 km from Antalya Airport.

Let’s add that the facility is located by the creek and is only 150 meters away from the sea. Providing service with 12 rooms and 2 bungalows, Adrasan River is at a special point in our Antalya bungalows list. In other words, we can say that the Adrasan River is the perfect place for an ideal holiday. Finally, let’s add that you can do boat tours, angling and diving activities.

4. Cirali Hera Hotel

Cirali Hera Hotel, Antalya Provience, Turkey
Cirali Hera Hotel, Antalya, Turkey

Cirali is one of the calmest and most natural regions of the Mediterranean. Cirali Hera Hotel is ideal for those who prefer a quiet holiday away from the noise of the city and intertwined with nature. Transportation is also very convenient. It’s only 30 minutes away from Olympus Ancient City by car. We can say that it is within walking distance of Mount Chimaera and Olympus regions. It’s 41 kilometers from Kemer town center, and Antalya Airport is 95 kilometers from Cirali Hera Hotel. Airport transfer service is also available.

The facility serves its guests with bed and breakfast and half board concepts. The facility is also preferred due to its location by the sea. The hotel has its own beach, which consists of a mixture of sand and pebbles. As an alternative to the sea, there is also an outdoor pool and a children’s pool on site.

The hotel is very comfortable. 14 different bungalow options are specially cleaned and prepared for you every day.

5. Woodline Hotel

Woodline Hotel, Antalya, Turkey
Woodline Hotel, Antalya, Turkey

This time we are turning the route of our Antalya bungalows to Kemer. Woodline Hotel is located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. Who can say no to a stay in touch with nature in Goynuk, surrounded by pine forests? Let’s also add that it provides full board service.

The bungalow is only 40 km from Antalya Airport and 10 km from Kemer town center. Airport transfer service is also available. In addition, you can visit Goynuk Canyon and Kemer Marina during your holiday.

It is 700 meters from the sea and has a sand-pebble beach. For those who prefer a pool as an alternative to the sea, there is an outdoor swimming pool and a children’s swimming pool. Therefore it is preferred by many holidaymakers.

Providing accommodation with 50 rooms, the property also offers food and beverage services with its restaurant and bar. In addition, there is an entertainment & game room on site.

6. Koala Antalya Bungalows

Koala Antalya Bungalows, Antalya, Turkey
Koala Antalya Bungalows, Antalya, Turkey

Kola Bungalows is located in Olympus. The facility is 35 km from Kemer town center and 98 km from Antalya Airport. There is also a private parking lot within the facility. There are eleven rooms in this establishment, which serves in the form of bed and breakfast. The daily cleaning of the rooms is not interrupted.

The rooms are made of wood and stones. Antalya has a special place among bungalows because pet accommodation is among the facilities provided. Many organic and homemade dishes are prepared at the on-site restaurant. Apart from this, there is a separate bar for those who prefer alcohol.

You can make your holiday more enjoyable by renting a bicycle at Koala Bungalows, or you can chat with your loved ones around the campfire in the evening.

7. Nuri’s Beach Bungalow

Nuri's Beach Bungalow Antalya
Nuri’s Beach Bungalow / Room View

Nuri’s Beach is located in Kas Limanagzi. This business, which provides bungalow service, is 3 kilometers from Kas Antique Theater and Lion Sarcophagus. The facility provides service with the concept of bed and breakfast. Nuri’s Beach is 210 kilometers from Antalya Airport. However, the facility also offers airport transfer service for those who prefer it.

Nuri’s Beach is a business located by the sea. Let’s also mention that the hotel has it’s own beach. You can also use sun loungers, hammocks, private lodges. 21 rooms in the facility are cleaned regularly. Let’s also add that pets are allowed in the hotel. Laundry, currency exchange, ironing service, safety deposit box, mini market and tour desk services are among the services of the hotel.

Let’s get to the food… The facility is quite assertive in terms of cuisine. Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine are prepared for guests in the hotel’s restaurant. There is also alcohol and snack service at the hotel bar located in the beach area.

8. Deep Green Bungalows

Deep Green Bungalows, Olympus, Antalya, Turkey
Deep Green Bungalows, Olympus, Antalya

Located in Olympus, Deep Green Bungalows awaits you for a peaceful holiday among the orange trees. Providing service with the concept of half board, the business is 97.5 km from Antalya Airport. At the same time, it is 83.4 km from Antalya Bus Station, 500 meters from Olympus Ancient City, 1 km from Cirali Beach and 1.6 km from Olympus Beach.

There are 30 bungalows on the campground. All rooms are designed with the wishes of the guests in mind. It’s also useful to know that cleaning rules are followed and that cleaning is meticulous.

Deep Green Bungalows offers an open buffet breakfast with fresh vegetables grown in the surrounding area. At dinner, delicious dishes await you. In addition, you can make your evening enjoyable by listening to music in the Deep Bar.

It is also very rich in terms of activity. Boat trip, boat fishing, diving, rock climbing, canyoning, nature walks, go, taboo, jenga etc. You can spend time with table tennis, table tennis and dart activities. It can also be used for movies, concerts, documentaries, etc. You can attend the screenings.

9. Olympos Camlik Pension

Olympos Camlik Pension, Antalya Cabin Hotel
Olympos Camlik Pension, Antalya, Turkey

Olympus Camlik Pension is the choice of those who want to have a holiday in a lush nature among the trees. First of all, let’s say that you will have a holiday in peace and serenity. Operating with bed and breakfast or half board service options, the property also creates special menus for dinners. Let’s look at the possibilities in terms of transportation. Olympus Camlik Pension is located 16 km from Olympus Cable Car, 100 km from Antalya Airport, 4 km from Adrasan Bay, 2 km from Ceneviz Bay, 4 km from Cirali Mount Chimaera, and 181 meters from Olympus Activity Center.

Providing service with 25 bungalows, Olympus Camlik Pension also has a restaurant where home-cooked meals are served. Finally, being within a 15 minute walking distance to the sea will make your holiday easier.

10. Can Mocamp

The last stop of our Antalya bungalows is Can Mocamp. It’s located in Kas, this pleasant and peaceful establishment provides service as a motel and camping. Can Mocamp is the oldest tourist establishment of Kas. Having bungalows in different structures also creates different alternatives. It’s a very nice a destination.

You will never forget the holiday you will make against the sea of Kas, which does look like an aquarium. Located 140 minutes’ drive from Dalaman Airport, the property is also on the periphery of the region’s attractions.

In addition to the bungalow, there are also tent accommodation alternatives. Let’s also say that the bungalow rooms, whose number is 20, are cleaned regularly.

During your holiday in Can Mocamp, you can visit the most beautiful restaurants of Kas. However, we recommend that you do not ignore the Mediterranean Restaurant within the facility.

During your holiday, you can also evaluate activities such as diving, Kekova Boat Tour, paragliding and yoga.

Address of Peace in the Mediterranean: Antalya Bungalows

We have come to the end of our article, where we get to know ten beautiful bungalow houses. We understood the value of nature when the Covid-19 epidemic imprisoned us in closed lives. Especially the campers proved once again how right they were. However, camping may not be everyone’s choice. So, let’s note these beautiful Antalya bungalows located in nature as an alternative and be a visitor as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: Reservation referrals have been made in cooperation with some companies in Bungalow Evler, which is included in this content. Of the problems that may arise, Kampbros Media and Production Limited Company cannot be held responsible.

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